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Your WordPress website is a machine — The pit crew at Faster.Press gets it running like one.


What Faster.Press does…


Everything you own requires maintenance:

Every 3 months we take our cars for an oil change. Regular steam cleaning extends the life of the carpets in our homes and changing air filters keeps our air clean and our electric bill down. Our children and pets all get annual checkups.

But most small business owners launch a website and don’t do any regular maintenance.

This causes a variety of issues from security and malware to a decline in performance and a loss in web traffic. 


We give your site a thorough checkup & tuneup:

Website performance is often an indicator of overall online marketing performance — your users care how fast your site is, and so does Google. Users and search engines also care that your site displays well on mobile devices and that it does not contain any unsafe content, viruses, or malware. 

We will give your website the most thorough inspection it’s ever gotten and make the necessary adjustments to get it running faster and better than it EVER has.


We Keep Wordpress Running Like It Should:

Wordpress is an awesome content management system (CMS), and because it’s great, businesses use Wordpress far more than any other option.

The big problem is that developers don’t always follow best practices. Websites are rarely updated, vulnerable to malware, slow and untracked. Faster.Press is a Wordpress service center that can help you address all of these problems so that your website performs like it should.


We save your site from the most common small business web issues

Small businesses depend on their websites to drive leads, search engine results, and — most importantly — credibility. So when your website isn’t performing the way it should, or the way your customers (or Google!) expects, your bottom line suffers.

Check out the presentation to learn about the four biggest issues that bring good websites down, and how to fix them.


Ever found a Jackelope in the wild?

We haven’t either, but that doesn’t mean we won’t keep looking. 

Have you ever gotten purely OBJECTIVE results from your web team? We haven’t either, that’s why we decided to make Faster.Press. 

Most marketing services are long on promises and short on delivery. Faster.Press ONLY delivers.



Want a faster Wordpress website?



You want better Wordpress security?

Consider it done.


Need a mobile-ready site?

Check it off of your list.


Worried you’re invisible to Google?

We can fix that.

No recurring contract. Just a simple, upfront fee. You give us the keys, we’ll take care of the rest.


Plans & Pricing

Faster Website $250

Optimize Image File Size

Advanced Site Caching

Add Browser Caching

Configure CDN

Before/After Speed Test

Optimize Video Loading

Optimize Database

Secure Website $150

Limit Login Attempts

Remove Admin User

Enforce Strong Passwords

Create Site Backups

Protect Wordpress Files

Block Brute Force Attacks

Protect Against Bots

Mobile Website $200

Mobile Ready Website

Simple Use

Improve SEO

Increase Conversions

Increase Traffic

SEO Friendly $200

In Depth SEO Report

Setup Google Analytics

Analyze Traffic

Setup Webmaster Tools

Analyze Search Traffic

Check for Broken Links

Better XML Sitemaps